Xangle entered the ‘Bounty Mall’ and event information

Berry Store
1 min readSep 7, 2022


Hello, this is Berry Store.

Xangle, which dreams of making virtual assets popular based on transparency and trust as a real-time disclosure data and crypto evaluation portal, has entered in the Bounty Mall of Berry Store!

Let’s find out about the event regarding its event on the Bounty Mall.

This event held by Xangle consists of writing an app review. Let’s find out how to participate.

1. Search for “Xangle” app on Google PlayStore or App Store.

2. After downloading the app, please write an app supporting review with 5 stars.

3. Capture the review you wrote and upload it so that we can check your review

4. Write down your Google nickname on the activity account url and click Submit to participate in the Xangle bounce event.

Now you completed the mission for the Xangle bounty event.

If you complete the mission, you can get 1,000 berry, so participate now!

Just in case, if you only write down the URL of the review in the wrong way, it could be difficult to check and you won’t be able to receive the reward!

Please be aware of the instructions and participate in the Bount