[PRESS] Mammoth Foundation, Strategic Partnership Agreement with Berrystore.

Mammoth Foundation has signed a business agreement with the global donation social platform Berry Store.

With this business agreement, the Mammoth Foundation and Berrystore will promote partial collaboration on mutual business and content collaboration such as celebrities.

Berrystore provides a platform to the Mammoth Foundation through its mobile app and exchanges various know-how with Mammoth, including blockchain, high-security technology, and content production.

It will also cooperate in joint promotion, events, and promotional activities of projects other than NFT and METAVERSE.

The Mammoth chain of the Mammoth Foundation can be applied to all industries such as DAO and Accelerating, and is made development-friendly to make it easier for companies to build and use such as minimizing migration costs and shortening development periods. Based on this, it is possible to conveniently expand the area to fields such as DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse.

Meanwhile, Berrystore is operating Donation World, a donation social network based on Web 3.0, and Bounty Mall, a decentralized advertising brokerage solution, and announced the opening of a P2P digital NFT marketplace at Blockchain Week in Busan (BWB) 2022 Meet Up.A Mammoth official said, “We will continue to pursue a comprehensive financial platform for growth and expansion of areas and leading decentralization through continuous collaboration.”



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