[PRESS] Berrystore sponsors the 2022 Hanye (The Association of Korean Arts Assessment) Music Competition for aspiring artists

Berrystore announced on the 19th that it has sponsored scholarships to the winners of the 2022 Hanye Music Competition Grand Prize and Awards held at Jangcheon Hall of the Gwanglim Art Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

According to Berrystore, the Hanye Music Competition aims to find talented art youth and develop future art dreamers and produce cultural and artistic leaders. This competition is a program to select and award the “2022 Overall Grand Prize” to one of the best performers through concerts by part winners in the first half and second half of 2022.

Berrystore is operating a global donation social platform under the concept of Funnation (Fun + Donation) and contributes a portion of the platform’s profits to the agreed NGOs. It is also striving for ESG management that contributes to social contribution.

According to a company official, Berrystore recently announced partnership with Toss payments and opened a “warm touch campaign” service that allows users to donate directly to Agreement signed NGO organizations

Meanwhile, a total of eight teenagers won the award, and Berrystore said it also held a scholarship ceremony for each part of the award along with corporate figures who participated in the sponsorship.



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