[PRESS] BERRYSTORE Sent Donations to NGO Organizations

Global donation social platform Berrystore announced on the 2nd that it has donated profits from the platform to an agreed NGO organization.Berrystore is a global donation social platform that leads the culture of Funation(Fun + doNation).

By donating part of the profits generated by the user’s activities on the platform to the agreed NGO organization, the user can participate in the donation activities on the platform and contribute to helping neighbors in need.

Donation delivered NGO organizations include NGO Rainbow, Azine Village, Animal Rescue Korea, Manan Social Welfare Center, Happy People, and the Korean Federation of Film Workers, and donated a total of about 12 million BERRY. The donations delivered will be used by NGOs to help needy neighbors and abandoned animals.

Even before the donation was delivered, Berrystore held various events for neighbors such as the ‘Wish Project’ and ‘Red ginseng sponsorship’ with NGO organizations that collaborated for many years, and started community welfare such as saving farmers.Meanwhile, Berrystore recently announced a partnership with Toss Payments, introducing Toss’s electronic payment service.



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