[PRESS] Berrystore participates in ‘World Blockchain Summit Marvels Ho Chi Minh 2022’

Berryistore announced on the 19th that it will participate in the “World Blockchain Summit Marbles 2022” to be held in Ho Chi Minh under the auspices of the Korea CEO Summit from December 23. The event will hold a conference on the theme of blockchain economic cooperation between Korea and Vietnam and the beginning of the Web 3.0 era.

The event will be followed by CICON Hanoi 2022 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Korea-Vietnam diplomatic relations on December 20, and CICON is an international conference that combines the initials of Creative Urban, Culture, Convergence and Industry Conference, which will be divided into three industries. In particular, the urban industry conducts discussions with various contents such as urban policy, urban design, urban construction, urban environment, and urban life.

In particular, former Deputy Prime Minister Oh Myung of Ministry of Science and Technology , National Assemblyman Chung Woo-taek, National Assemblyman Yang Hyang-ja, former Environment Minister Lee Man-eui, special professor Joo Young-seop of Seoul National University, and Chairman Kim Hyung-joo of the Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association are selected as speakers.

Berrystore will attend the conference to lead a transparent and fun “Funation” (Fun+Donation) culture that anyone can enjoy by incorporating blockchain technology into the donation market, and present a platform that develops rapidly in line with the Web 3.0 era.

Berrystore is a global donation social platform that operates Donation World, Bountimall, and NFT Shop after the release of the renewal version in version 3.0, and has opened and operated a real-based NFT market, Berry Auction, and also Celeb Time Selling, which users can purchase celebrities’ talent.



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