[PRESS] BerryStore offered relief support to quake-struck Türkiye-Syria by World Vision

Berry Store
1 min readMar 2, 2023

BerryStore announced on the 2nd that it has donated 3 million KRW to Türkiye and Syria, by the International Relief and Development NGO ‘World Vision’, which were severely damaged by the strong earthquake on the 6th of last month.

BerryStore is a global donation social platform from South Korea that pursues the spread of an interesting donation culture. By making part of the proceeds generated on the platform by the user to the agreed NGO organization, the user’s activities on the platform can participate in donations and contribute to helping neighbors in need.”

Earlier this year, we received a donation plaque from the Manan Social Welfare Center,” a Berry Store official said. “We held various events for neighbors, including ‘Wish Project’ and red ginseng sponsorship, and recently held a multicultural family kimchi event with donations raised through on-platform donation campaigns.”

”We hope it will be a small contribution to the daily recovery of the victims of Türkiye and Syria, who are suffering from unexpected disasters,” a BerryStore official said.

Meanwhile, BerryStore is preparing an update to enjoy more diverse content in consideration of user convenience.