[PRESS] Berrystore hosts a concert ticket event for legendary k-pop singer Cho Yong-pil

Berry Store
1 min readNov 18, 2022


Berrystore announced on the 7th that it will hold an event to present tickets for the “2022 Cho Yong-pil & The Great Birth” concert.

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At the opening of the “2022 Cho Yong-pil & The Great Birth” concert ticket on October 19, it sold out 40,000 seats in 30 minutes, ranking first in the overall reservation rate.

The concert of Cho Yong-pil, a master of live performances, has always set new records with numerous masterpieces and various performances. The concert, which will be held four years after the 50th anniversary concert in 2018, will give the audience unforgettable memories, heralding another legendary performance, the organizer said.

For many fans who failed to purchase tickets at the time of opening, Berrystore has prepared tickets to apply for the concert, drawing keen attention from many users.