[PRESS] Berrystore has signed a business agreement with ‘Brain TV’ to revitalize mutual business models

Berrystore and Brain TV (Hatter Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) announced that they signed a business agreement on the 20th. This business agreement has collaborated on online and offline marketing of Berrystore on “Brain TV” and conducted an agreement to revitalize mutual business models.

Brain TV announced that it will not only actively support branding marketing by granting TV transmission rights to Berrystore for about a year from 2023, but will also collaborate with Hatter Mall products and Berrystore’s Bountymall advertising solutions.

Brain TV is a cable channel operated by Hatter Broadcasting Co., Ltd. and specializes in Korean chess and Western chess. It is a sports channel that has been operated through cable broadcasting channels since 2004, and as of September 2022, it has secured a significant number of viewers, ranking ninth out of a total of 138 channels. It also operates Hatter Mall, an online welfare mall sold to enterprises.

In addition to the new features that were recently opened after the release of the 3.0 renewal as a global donation social platform, Berrystore has recently announced a partnership with Toss Payments, offering a variety of services such as “Berry Auction” where you can purchase the only celebrity’s cherished items or artists’ actual works, “celeb time selling” and “donation campaign” with collaborated NGOs.

“This business agreement has paved the way for mutual active collaboration between Berrystore and Brain TV,” said the general manager of Berrystore. “I would like to thank Brain TV for providing an opportunity to expose Berrystore to cable TV channel.”

Meanwhile, Berrystore opened products such as Morocco’s goalkeeper “Yassine Bounou,” who reached the semifinals for the first time in an African country during the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and signed soccer shoes of striker “Munir El Haddadi.”



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