[PRESS] Berrystore donation campaign service is open, and the ‘Kimchi for Every Village’ campaign is heldGlobal donation social platform

Berry Store
1 min readDec 26, 2022

“Berrystore” announced on the 15th that it has opened a donation campaign service “Warm Touch Campaign.

“An official said, “The Warm Hand Campaign is a service that allows users to donate/sponsor directly to the donation organization through Toss’ electronic payment system (card payment, general payment, and payment) in cooperation with domestic and foreign donation organizations.

In particular, as the first campaign with the opening of the service, we will raise money for kimchi sharing for multicultural families in connection with Manan Social Welfare Center and National Actor Kim Soo-mi’s Morning Glory F&B.”

“Berrystore is a platform that leads the ‘funation’ (Fun+donation), and by donating some of the profits generated by activities on the platform to agreed donation organizations, users can participate in donations and contribute to helping neighbors in need.

“ In addition, the “Warm Touch Campaign” service will be opened, and users can directly contribute to social contributions.””Meanwhile, Berrystore is holding an event to win concert tickets for top Korean singers such as Ailee, Lim Chang-jung, Baek Ji-young, and Lim Jae-beom, and provides various contents to users,” he added.