Berry Store’s Exclusive model , Kim Bo-sung’s suit, unveiled at Berry Auction.

The suit worn by “Actor Kim Bo-sung,” an exclusive model of Berry Store, was unveiled at “Berry Auction.”

Berry Store selected Kim Bo-sung, an actor with an honest image who has been donating for the underprivileged from all walks of life for years in line with the platform’s fundamental ideology of Funation (Fun+Donation), as its brand exclusive model.

“Berry Auction” is a service that allows you to purchase cherished items of celebrities and sports players or actual works of painters through an auction, and a guarantee certifying that they are cherished items or works of the celebrity will be issued when the product is sold.

In addition to actor Kim Bo-sung’s suit, Berry Auction also unveiled various celebrity favorites, including archery player Ansan’s signature uniform, singer Jeon Young-rok’s signature guitar, TrendZ’s signature album, and WEi’s hoodie.



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