[PRESS] Berry Store Wins ‘CICON Hanoi 2022’ Meritorious plaque.

Berry Store
2 min readJan 30, 2023

Berry Store Wins ‘CICON Hanoi 2022’ Meritorious plaqueBerry Store announced on the 19th that Berry store will receive a meritorious plaque at the January event of the Summit Forum hosted by Korea CEO Summit at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel Seoul Carnation Room.

Berry Store will be awarded the plaque for its contribution to the development of the city, culture and convergence industry between the two countries as a major participant in the 30th anniversary of Korea-Vietnam diplomatic relations held last year.

Berry Store operates a service that allows users to purchase the Celebrity’s cherished items and celebrity talents on an hourly basis by utilizing the trend of K-POP, a craze around the world. In addition, it is contributing to the spread of an “interesting donation culture” by conducting various activities with the agreed NGO organization.

For 20 years, the Korea CIOS Summit, which organizes the “Summit Forum,” which will host the “CICON Hanoi 2022” meritorious plaque award ceremony, has invited speakers from each field of Korea to hold forums on the theme of the times, expanding various CEO education projects and networks with opinion leaders within the country and in abroad.

Meanwhile, Berry Store has been conducting content that various users can participate in since its partnership with Toss Payments, including Singer Jeon Young-rok’s signature guitar, Ansan player’s signature uniform, and WEi’s signed hoodie, which are now being auctioned.