[PRESS] Berry Store will release an upgraded version of 4.0 soon…Expanding to fandom market

Berry Store
2 min readMar 24, 2023

Berry Store announced on the 24th that it is imminent to release an upgraded 4.0 version of the platform targeting the fandom market with existing functions.

Berry Store, which launched the 3.0 version in August last year, adopted the BNB chain of the global crypto exchange Binance as its main net to significantly improve fees and network speed problems, and operated ‘Donation World’, ‘Bounty Mall’, and ‘NFT Shop’ services.

In addition, after the partnership with Toss Payments, an electronic payment system was introduced to provide services such as ‘Berry Auction’, ‘Celeb time selling’, and ‘Donation Campaign’ to lower entry barriers to virtual assets and increase user convenience.

The 4.0 upgrade version, which is scheduled to be released this time, will introduce a service that has expanded to the fandom market in the existing service. Major services that will be applied to the 4.0 version announced so far include △ offline concert ticket sales, △ Celuv’s cherished item auction, △ Goods Shopping Mall, △ hosting K-Pop concerts at home and abroad, and △ global concert streaming.

In addition, Berry Store will participate in the K-Pop Global Concert, which will be held from April 21 to 23 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Vietnam, and is expected to expand into the global fandom market and revitalize the platform.

Meanwhile, Berry Store’s own crypto asset, BERRY, was listed on Bithumb on the 7th and is expanding its ecosystem.