[PRESS] Berry Store Signs a Business Agreement with Purples

Berry Store
2 min readSep 19, 2022

Berry Store announced on September 1st that it has signed a business agreement with marriage matching company ‘Purples’. Through this business agreement, Purples will provide advertising content on Berry Store.

Berry Store introduced the 3.0 version with new functions to the public. This 3.0 version maintains the main idea of spreading an easy and fun donation culture called Funation (Fun+donation) and it has many new functions such as Donation World, a donation social network, and Bounty Mall, an advertising mediate solution. In particular, “Bounty Mall” is an advertisement mediate solution in which advertisers choose the types of advertisements they want and users can receive the reward if they promote the advertisement.

Purples is a marriage matching company specializing in the high class and it has been recognized by the public for 21 years since its establishment in 2001, and it has won many brand awards and ministerial awards regarding the customer satisfaction. In addition, Purples keeps supporting and donating for children coming from families with just a parent during Christmas, holidays, and Children’s Day, and it promotes community welfare through social return.

A representative said, “We have signed business agreements with various companies and found that more companies are interested into social contribution than what we expected,” adding, “We are trying to create a place where not only companies but also the public can spread and show off their personal donations.”