[PRESS] Berry Store signed MOU with Orae Food for advertising partnership

Berry Store
1 min readSep 19, 2022


Orae Food, a meat company, announced on September 5th that signed a MOU with Berry Store for an advertising collaboration and participate in the decentralized advertising solution “Bounty Mall.”

According to Berry Store, Orae Food will participate as an advertiser in the Bounty Mall of Berry Store through the signing of the MOU, and Berry Store will create donation-related contents.

Berry Store introduced the 3.0 version consisting of new functions as a global donation social platform. Major services in the Berry Store 3.0 renewal version include Donation World, a donation/sponsorship-based social media, and Bounty Mall, an advertising mediate solution. In particular, Bounty Mall provides customized advertisements with the type of ads that the advertiser wants, and users who follow the instructions can receive rewards.

A company representative said, “Companies can participate in donations just by participating in the Bounty Mall. In the future, we will lead the promotion of a donation culture that can create synergy through MOUs with companies in various fields.“

Meanwhile, Berrystore announced that it is striving to increase content on the platform by signing business agreements with companies in various fields such as KumSanMiHak Red Ginseng, Petarium, Sun Green Care, and Jerrican Design.