[PRESS] BERRY, Listing on Korean crypto exchange ‘Bithumb’

Berry Store
1 min readMar 7, 2023

The crypto asset of global donation social platform Berry Store, “BERRY”, listed on the Korean crypto exchange ‘Bithumb’ on the 7th.

BerryStore is planning to announce a new 4.0 version in the 2nd quarter, and is preparing to finally reorganize its upgraded services targeting the fandom market into DAO in the current service, including ▲ global concert streaming, ▲ offline concert ticket sales, ▲ celebrity unique items auction, ▲ goods shopping mall, ▲ funding, and ▲ Host Global K-POP concerts. Berry Store is currently conducting various activities in cooperation with NGO organizations in korea to spread interesting donation culture along with services such as celebrity unique items auction and celebrity time-selling.

Bithumb, which will be listed by BERRY, is one of the korean top five crypto exchanges, and BERRY listed on BTC market. According to the Bithumb announcement, deposits can be made from 10 a.m. on the 7th(KST) and trading can be made from 6 p.m.(KST). In addition, a free BTC market transaction fee event will be held from today (7th) until April 7th, providing an opportunity for many people to experience the newly reorganized BTC market.