[PRESS]BERRY, from investing from DWF Labs to listing on Bithumb…Expanding ecosystem

Berry Store
1 min readMar 17, 2023

Berry, which received investment from global Web 3.0 investment company DWF Labs last year, has recently been listed on the Korea crypto exchange Bithumb, drawing attention from many users.

DWF Labs is a global digital asset market maker and a subsidiary of Digital Wave Finance (DWF), one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading institutions trading spot and derivatives markets on more than 40 top exchanges.
DWF Labs established a branch in Korea in October last year to strengthen its market presence in Asia and invested in a project to create the future of Web 3.0. After entering East Asia, invested in korea projects such as BERRY(BERRY), SomeSing(SSX), Marblex (MBX), Bifrost (BFC), and the Mars (MARS).

All domestic projects invested from DWF Labs have seen their best gains since the end of last year (SomeSing about 219%, Marblex about 291%, Bifrost about 216%, Dermars about 328% and Berry about 500%), especially Berry rose about 500%, showing their project potential.

Meanwhile, Berry was listed on Bithumb on the 7th, and its own platform “Berry Store” will release 4.0 versions that will sequentially showcase upgraded functions such as ▲ global K-POP concerts, ▲ offline concert ticket sales, ▲ celebrity unique items auction, ▲ goods mall, and ▲ global concert streaming.
In addition, all issuance quantities of BERRY have been unlocked 100% in line with the schedule specified in the roadmap, preparing for the final reorganization into DAO along with targeting the fandom market, drawing public expectations for its potential in the web 3.0 market.