[Guide] All About VeriAuction Auctions (Participating in an Open-Ended Auction)

Berry Store
2 min readDec 15, 2023

Hello from BerryStore.
Today, we’re going to continue our guide on how to participate in an open auction!

There are two ways to participate in an open auction: bidding and purchasing, and instant purchase.
Let’s start with the bidding method first!

From the Auctions menu, click on an item uploaded by a regular user.

Click the Place a bid button.

After viewing the price, enter your bid and click the Place Bid button.

Confirm that your bid was successful and you’re done!

The next step is to make an instant purchase.

In the same way as placing a bid, click on the desired general account’s item in the auction menu.

Click the Buy Now button, and then press the Buy button.

Once the purchase is complete, the item will disappear from the auction page, a chat room will be opened for a 1:1 chat with the seller.

Please coordinate the transaction method with the seller.
(e.g. courier, direct, account, cash, etc.)

This concludes our introduction to auctions in BerryStore 4.2.
We will try to bring you more and more interesting content.
Stay tuned!