BerryStore Wins Auction for Rapper Layone’s cherished item

Berry Store
1 min readMay 16, 2023

BerryStore announced that the recent auction of rapper Layone’s cherished item was successfully concluded.

In addition to Rapper Layone’s favorite items, the items up for auction this time were the favorite items of Korean artists who appeared at the K-pop global concert ‘We are the one’ held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for three days from April 21st.

The auction was held within the Berry Store 4.0 APP, and a sun cap with Layone’s autograph was registered as an auction item. According to the official, the auction for Layone’s memorabilia started at 150,000 won, and the final bid was 380,000 won. The proceeds from the auction of the ‘We Are The One’ cast members’ cherished item will be donated to a contracted NGO organization.

According to the company, starting with the ‘We Are The One’ concert, BerryStore aims to expand its fandom market by continuing to host and participate in domestic and international concerts. By focusing on building relationships between celebrities and fans, Berry Store plans to realize a beautiful donation system by donating a portion of the profits generated along with the global spread of K-culture.

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