“Berrystore” announced on the 30th that it will hold a Berry Fox event for the new year. The event, which will be held this time, can be applied and participated from December 30 to January 20 on the Berrystore event page.

The prizes include △ Village School Teacher Berry Fox NFT + BERRY △ Magpie Berry Fox NFT + BERRY (1 person) △ Cultural Gift Voucher (10 people) and the winners will be announced through a lottery.

“Berry Fox” is the mascot of the Berrystore Digital NFT Market, and NFT transactions are taking place on the “NFT shop” service on the Berrystore platform.

In addition, Berrystore is holding concert ticket events such as domestic singers Ailee, Lim Jae-beom, and Baek Ji-young to provide various contents for users to enjoy.

News Link : http://www.asiaa.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=110469



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