Berry Store will introduce ‘Berry Pay’ to Providing payment convenience

Berry Store
1 min readMar 20, 2023

Berry Store announced on the 16th that it will introduce ‘Berry Pay’, a simple payment service, in version 4.0 which is scheduled to be released in the 2nd quarter.

Berry Pay is a simple payment service using Toss Payments’ brand pay. Berry Pay is used to process payment for new services to be introduced in Berry Store 4.0, and it can increase user convenience in payment. Berry Pay is a method in which one-touch payment is completed by simply entering a simple password when using Berry Store’s service after registering the card use for the first time with Berry Pay.

Meanwhile, Berry Store plans to announce a new 4.0 version in the 2nd quarter, and announced that it is preparing services targeting the fandom market such as ▲ offline concert ticket sales, ▲ celebrity unique items auction, ▲ goods mall, ▲ global K-POP concerts, and ▲ global concert streaming.