Berry Store participates in sponsorship of ‘Korea Red Ginseng Cup 5th Professional Game’.

Berry Store
2 min readFeb 9, 2023

Berry Store announced that it participated as a sponsor of the 5th Korean Red Ginseng Cup Professional Game hosted by Brain TV.

An official said, “The 5th professional competition of the Korean Red Ginseng Cup, which was held on January 23, is a competition in which eight teams consisting of a total of 24 top-ranked players will be held on a point basis.” Berry Store participated as a sponsor, and the Berry Store team participated in the third match on February 6.”

“Brain TV is a cable channel operated by Hatter Broadcasting Co., Ltd. and is a channel specializing in Korean chess and western chess. It is a sports channel that has been operated through cable broadcasting channels since 2004, and has received a lot of attention from long-term, chess lovers, and communities.

“Berry Store is a global donation social platform, and at the same time, it guarantees purchase of celebrities’ only cherished items along with certificates.” and they are also contributing to the spread of K-culture through services such as concert ticket events by top singers in Korea,” official explained.

“The mutual active collaboration with Brain TV has allowed Berry Store to be exposed on cable TV,” a Berry Store official said. “We look forward to spreading not only K-POP but also Korea’s brain sports market.”

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