[PRESS] Berry Store, Napalkkot F&B, and Anyang City Manan Social Welfare Center will hold kimchi sharing events for multicultural families.

Berry Store
2 min readFeb 21


On February 10, the global donation social platform “Berry Store” announced that it held a multi-cultural family kimchi sharing event “Village, All Kimchi” with the Napalkkot F&B and Anyang City Manan Social Welfare Center.

Village, Modu Da Kimchi is an event to share kimchi with multicultural families who could not make kimchi in winter, and a donation campaign was held through the Berry Store platform for one month to raise funds.

A Berry Store official who supported the kimchi sharing event said, “We hope that our society would have been an opportunity to pay more attention to multicultural families, and we will carry out various social contribution activities for the co-prosperity of multicultural families.

Multicultural families who attended the event said, “I didn’t know how to make kimchi, so I was buying and eating it. Next time, I want to learn together and make it myself.” “Thanks to kimchi, I think I can spend the rest of the winter well.”” He was amused by expressing his feelings.

Meanwhile, Berry Store is a global donation social platform that spreads an interesting donation culture, and at the same time, it is a “Berry Auction” where you can purchase celebrities’ only cherished items with guarantees. It is contributing to the spread of K-culture through services such as concert ticket events of top singers in Korea.

In response, a Berry Store official added, “We are in the process of updating considering content that many users can participate in and platform user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).”