Berry Store Donates Quarantine Supplies to Korea NGO Rainbow

Berry Store
2 min readMar 23, 2023

Global donation social platform BerryStore announced on the 23rd that it has donated 6,000 hand sanitizers to Korea NGO Rainbow.

Although COVID-19 is on the decline, hand sanitizers have been donated to help the elderly, who are still in the high-risk group, live a safer life due to the recent large daily temperature difference. Hand sanitizers donated to NGO Rainbow will be delivered to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and the disabled in need.

An official from Berry Store said, “Due to economic difficulties, we have donated to help the vulnerable population even a little bit,” adding, “We will continue to be a Berry Store that conveys our warm hearts through sharing with many neighbors like now.”

Berry Store is a global donation social platform that pursues a Funation(Fun + doNation) culture in which users’ activities can directly affect donation activities and help neighbors in need by donating profits generated by users on the platform to agreed NGO organizations.

Meanwhile, Berry Store announced the launch of an upgraded version of the 4.0 platform targeting the fandom market in the second quarter, and announced that it will participate in the “K-POP Global Concert” in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, for three days from April 21st.